From farm to fork – Working towards the end of food insecurity

With increasing globalization, agriculture as a single industry will end, to become just one part of an integrated value chain. This value chain exits both upstream and downstream, or from production through to processing and sales, in which the whole is now highly increasingly globalized. This poses a huge challenge for small and medium enterprises in this sector and can lead to market share loss.

The world’s population is predicted to rise by 2050, up to 9 billion people. The highest rates of predicted population growth will mostly occur in areas highly reliant on agriculture and have high rates of food insecurity. SMEs in the agro-food industry have an urgent need for affordable and flexible IT solutions. Mainly, in their interest to remain competitive but, when looking at it from the regional/rural economical perspective, to ensure that increased productivity does mean profit for big corporations, only but generate enough growth for their region.

Sita Software is specialized in All-in-One integrated software solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

With Azur Traceability, we want to contribute in achieving the goal of food security for all and make sure that people have access to high-quality food to lead healthy lives. We strongly believe that food producers and all the actors in this value chain can grow their business by helping customers make an informed buying decision.

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31 May 2018