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Luxembourg electronic invoicing

be in conformity with the Luxembourg legislation thanks to the connection to the Peppol network

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 E-invoicing Peppol Azur


Why use e-invoicing?

The use of electronic invoicing allows for significant savings and efficiency gains, including the following benefits:

  • Fast processing time
  • Significant reduction in processing costs
  • Better traceability of invoices, reduction of disputes
  • Acceleration of payment times
  • Facilitation of consultation and archiving
  • Easier accounting
  • Greater data security
Peppol API Azur




Just send us your billing data and our API will automatically bring the data into compliance for sending to Luxembourg state institutions


Are you working with an older system that does not allow you to connect to the Peppol network? Our Peppol API is the ideal tool to solve this limitation in a very short time.

Internal development

If you have software developers on your team, you can simply use our Azure API to integrate it into your billing program

Module PEPPOL Azur


Azur modules

Azur ERP

If you use our Azur ERP software, the Peppol module can be made available with a simple activation.

Azur e-Invoicing

If you only use Azur e-Invoicing, the provision of the Peppol module will also only need a simple activation.

Billing with third party software

Invoices can be sent via our Azur API with prior transformation if the files made available are not in Peppol format or without transformation if the format already corresponds to Peppol format.


Fit 4 Digital Packages

In the context of the implementation of mandatory electronic invoicing in B2G (Business to Government) operations, small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit, under certain conditions, from state aid.

A financial contribution of 5.000€ for a project worth between €6,650 excluding VAT and €25,000 excluding VAT if the company has not yet benefited from two Digitalization vouchers.
For more information you can visit the links below:

Fit4digital Aide E-invoicing Luxembourg
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