Thanks to many accounting options: editions, printings and forms sent electronically.

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Save time: no more double encoding.

With Azur Fiduciary, optimize your ressources with an interface-free ERP. Your dashboard is instantaneous, and your customer's one as well. Benefit from a single entry for billing, accounting, Intrastat, electronic archiving, and data exploitation (BI).

Indeed, the validation of a sale or purchase bill causes its automatical accounting. With the VTA and intracommunitary shipping modules, VAT declarations, Recapitulative Statements, and Intrastat declarations can be immediately generated and sent electronically.

Figures are then exploited by statistical lists, but also in a dynamical way with Azur BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE module. Futhermore, Azur DATA MANAGEMENT allows you to link annexes to all types of documents to access your digitalised documents at anytime. 

Managing hours with Azur hour managing module to analyse and ascertain hours services for a file thus offer the possibility of billing automatically.

Thanks to Azur DMS you will no longer need to go to your client to get a binder back, but will be able to directly visualize all of your computers files and log in for year-end entries.


Sita Software has developped in collaboration with some of the square's big fiduciaries specific softwares that allow to optimize organization and productivity within your fiduciary or accounting office.

Generating automatically eTVA, eCDF and FAIA forms.

Calculating automatically depreciation as well as mensual and annual tables editions.

Multi-currency: account all your bills and financial operations retroactively to "d" day's currency.

Exporting of personalised reports in Excel.


No matter the size or the line of business of your company, Azur's management software tailors itself to your needs and evolves with your company.