In perfect conformity with European norms, your product’s origin data up to your ticket or your pre-pack’s tag.

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We guarantee your items’ traceability up to the receipt.

Azur Traceability allows you to :

  • retrace products used during the whole production lifecycle.

  • display the products’ origin and destination, as well as their composition through each stage of production.

  • stakeholder identification all along the the product's distribution.

This helps to guarantee conformity with the different European norms, as well as setting up a risk management plan following the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and in elaborating good hygiene protocols.

Thanks to the information delivered by this module, it is possible to apply traceability processes upstream, downstream, internally and eventually withdrawal and recall processes.

This allows for easy access to the product log and retracing products to a quantitative (logistical traceability) and qualitative (product traceability) level, and this in forwards mode (from the manufacture to the end-consumer) or in backwards mode (from the end-consumer to the manufacture).

Products traceability is present up to your receipt or your pre-pack's tag, following the evolution of the legislation about produce traceability (allergens etc).


No matter your size and line of business, Azur's management software tailors itself to your needs and evolves with your company.