No matter your size and activity area, Azur managing software tailors itself to your needs and evolves with your company.

Azur POS, the complete solution adapted to each retailer's unique needs.


Simply manage your orders, stock and your product's traceability right to your receipt.

Azur Point of Sale is a complete solution tailored to the unique needs of every retailer to better manage their point of sale, their back office or their stock management. With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, Sita Software offers you Azur technology and the necessary equipment to precisely manage the traceability of your product from its origin.

Azur Point of Sale is a software dedicated to the food sector professionals (butchers, bakers…) and retail trade (clothes stores, gifts shops, hardware stores, electronics, gyms).

This is ideal for retailers that need adaptable functionalities and complete control over daily operations and employees. Personalize your price tags, promote your products with playlists, save time by offering your clients automated payment systems or ask for a tailor-made application such as azur Fidelity.

Azur Point of Sale allows you among other things to:

  • display in real-time the sale figures of all different points of sale, in back offices or via a personalized application.

  • consult statistics on sales and consumers via the reporting module.

  • manage orders from suppliers and costumers.

  • update prices via electronic tags and easily attribute the products’ barcodes from your cash register.

  • print the price tag in the client’s language…

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