Invoicing, health insurance benefits, commissions and accounting.

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Manage the service and benefits reimbursement, insurance contracts
administration, commissions and accounting efficiently.

With this module you can automatically calculate premiums based on various parameters, amongst many other possibilities there is age, gender of the insured person, currency, dates, region, etc.
The basic premium can be adjusted during the invoicing process so the different parameters like indexing, age band change, periodicity of premium, etc are taken into account. This way benefit parameters are automatically combined with the insured person's data.

Azur Health deals with the more complex insurance products, by offering the possibility of creating lump sums, define refund limits, e.g. to add diopters parameters or precise dental position details. Collaboration with other health insurance companies or outsourcing to third party assistors is another feature of Azur Health.

Claims can be operated either individually or in work groups, which can reduce turnaround time. Claim requests in the future can be prepared, either to honor a coverage guarantee request or to issue a pre-authorization agreement for a long-term treatment request. Claims processed in Azur are saved instantaneously in the accounting and statistics modules.

Thanks to the document management system the traceability of benefit statements is guaranteed. Incoming and outgoing documents can be linked electronically to the claim files in the Health Insurance module, allowing for pre- & post-scanning operations.


All-in-one solution for the complete management of health insurance.

Managing insurance contracts with versioning to assure the tracability of all steps of a contract's life.

Managing benefits with the possibility to carry out refunds in all currencies.

Managing agents commissioning – Azur Health ERP allows for commissioning schemes on multiple levels.


Complete management of health insurance benefits, the insured, contracts, invoicing, accounting and commissions.