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Remote access for Azur ERP and Network support


The Sita Software support service must be able to remotely access, in some cases, a computer (server, workstation, tablet).

For this purpose, we offer a remote access software that is able to ensure a connection via the Web (http port 80).

At the request of the Sita Software support service, please start the remote access software with one of the following links:

• Remote access startup

Please answer Yes or Open to all security queries from your Internet browser. If the download does not start, you may need to review the configuration of your browser's security settings.

Afterwards the system will ask you to enter a session number that we will communicate to you by telephone.


The remote access software is edited by the company

• TeamViewer GmbH

The TeamViewer website will provide you with more information on the functionality of this software as well as the safety standards used.