No matter your size and your business line, Azur management software adapts itself to your needs and evolves with your company.

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Azur - all-in-one business management and accounting ERP


With Azur, the only interface-free software, your dashboard in instantaneous !

Only one input for billing, accounting, declarations to administrations, electronical archiving and data exploitation.

The validation of a sale or purchase bill causes its automatical accounting. VAT declarations, intracommunitary goods and services declarations, Recapitulative Statements, Profit and Loss account, are immediately generated and sent electronically. Figures are exploited by statistical lists but also in a dynamical way with Azur BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE module. Futhermore, Azur DATA MANAGEMENT allows you to link annexes to all types of documents to access your digitalised documents at anytime. 

All the necessary functionnalities to garantee your company's competitivity are in Azur, and that for all your collaborators.

High-performance software

With its transactional SQL database, Azur allows several users to work simultaneously while remaining completely fluid and ensuring the necessary security, applying the proper user rights according to their profile and job function.

Multi-users - Multilingual - Multi-company
Multi-sites - Multi-currency

Azur software's core is the general accounting and analytics program that was designed in terms of time-saving, performance, and flexibility. This Azur philosophy can be found in all programs, modules and options.

Reach your goals thanks to a professional website coupled with e-commerce

Benefit from our expertise to succeed online.

Web Service

Get access to your online information performing thanks to Azur Web

Shops control center with reports and statistics in real time, ticket System with time manager, calendars, commercial Management..

Azur Web

Made in Luxembourg, Azur is the all-in-one business management and accounting ERP with personalised modules for every line of business.


Efficacity + Performance


Azur is based on a client/server architecture. This advanced organization, used in a network, allows for performant and constructive team efforts. Azur not only gives you the possibility to change the standard settings for screens and document printing but can also save personalized parameters or even use your coworker's setup.


Azur manages an unlimited number of accounting in a same database. It allows a copy of parameters from one accounting file to another, to simplify the creation of each additional one. Similarly, copying an existing file's clients, suppliers and items is possible when creating a new file.



With Azur CONNECT', long-distance secure connexions allow telecommuting and great flexibility in your business trips. Your fiduciary can also pass closing entry in your database, without bothering you in your day-to-day work. Stay connected anytime anywhere : a simple internet access is enough.


Whatever the original currency of your file, Azur allows you to switch to another one during the creation of a new period. The Azur currency management module also manages clients currency that can be different than that of the file.



Azur users can work in their native language. In its standard version, Azur is available in French, German, English and Luxembourgish. You can switch languages at any time, without having to restart the application. Azur allows screens configuration, as well as editions and reports, in the user or client's language. Futhermore, a user-friendly translation tool integrated to Azur also allows translation in the language you want.

Programs and personalized reports

The Azur DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT module is a true revolution. Integrating any tailored develpment to the Azur core has never been so secure and affordable.
You can tackle these tasks all by yourself or put into the care of our developers and software engineers.



Keyboard and/or Mouse

Entering data into the ERP can be done via keyboard thanks to an optimized entering sequence. Keyboard shortcuts common to every screens are available to save time during research and encoding. 

Coherent and intuitive screens

Thanks to its user-friendly system, learning how to use it is very natural. Our tools are regularly evaluated by professional business partners and updated to offer you a better experience.